Thursday, April 17, 2008

009. Sharing

People that I've encountered in my life are actually quite good at sharing. They're always there for me when I need them. They share advice, stories, gas money, ect. They're pretty good at it. Our country is real good at sharing also. We're a generous country. For example, the hunger going on in Africa. We're generous people. We donate endlessly with money and food. But money and food can only go so far.

Sure food is filling their stomachs up, but only until we give them more. Money is good, but what is it going towards? More food? Sharing these things is a great thing. But there is something else that is way more powerful and useful to these people. Knowledge. Knowledge is power right?  Instead of sending over money and food, we should send people. Send people to share knowledge.

2 Chronicles 1:10
"Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people, for who is able to govern this great people of yours?"

Through sharing our knowledge we can help these people grow. Grow not only food, but grow as people. Planting a seed in there minds on how to plant seeds into the ground. If we teach them way of growing food and providing for thereselves, that would help the cause more than money or food donations.

Think of it like a parent and a kid. The parent provides for the kid throughout there life and shares knowledge with them on how to live life. The kid then grows up and has this great knowledge on how to live. then the kid spreads it to there kids, and they spread to theres and so on.

Instead of a family passing down generation to generation, how about we start sharing knowledge of life from person to person. Don't let knowledge grow your family tree. Help it grow the world. I was thinking about God making the world perfect last night. He could make it perfect in a instant. He has all the power in his hands. But I realized that he wants us to make it perfect. He wants to see us reach our full potential and become better people making a better world. He gave us the power to impact lives. He put the power of love in our hearts and wants us to let it out. He wants us to share this. This is what I want to do with my life. Share my knowledge with everyone on how to become a better person and love everyone.

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Shelby! Quit Lollygagging; said...

I'm inspired, there is no other word for it, I just read every single one of your blogs and it really was quite amazing-
your love for God is amazing and i would like to thank you over and over again for sharing it with the rest of the world, being a Christian myself it is priceless to see other Christians with such strong faith
I know that you will change the world, you will be in my prayers =]