Tuesday, April 15, 2008

007. Substance

So in my English IV class we just got done reading Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. If you know about that book you know that Dr. Jekyll is good and has a alter ego, Mr. Hyde who is bad. Mr. Hyde is a creation of the small amount of darkness in Dr. Jekyll's heart. Dr. Jekyll turns out to be the only character in the book to embrace the dark side of himself. The truth of the hate in his heart made him go insane and eventually Mr. Hyde has consumed Dr. Jekyll.

I know this seems like it's going no where. But it will. Dr. Jekyll was being consumed by Mr. Hyde and would not accept that he had a small problem of hate that he would not embrace. Dr. Jekyll would not embrace that he was not perfect. The point is, we all have something about us that is not perfect.

We don't need to be afraid to admit the wrongs we have commited. We need to accept that we have problems and that we aren't perfect. We are what we are. Substance is what we're made of. We're made of heart, we're made of spirit, we're full of life waiting to be unleashed.

So many people live their lives in comparison to others. They want to be perfect. They want what other people have. We stay so stuck on the fact that we want to be perfect and be exactly like others. This is like a giant paperweight on our lives. We hang on to the past to much, and instead of embracing it and moving on we let it keep us down. Don't be someone you're not. Don' t let people
make you feel bad about your flaws. Don't be stuck on becoming another carbon copy of millions of other people in the world. Be focused on being YOU and being the person that you are meant to be.
Don't live up to the expectations that people have for you. Live up to your full potential, not someone elses.

Don't be afraid to say no when faced with peer pressure. The biggest thing that I take pride in my life is that I have never given into peer pressure and doing drugs or drinking. I wish all my friends could see this and stop. I love them more than anything, but I just wish that everyone could change that. I've heard some friends question why God is not working their lives, and I think to myself look at how you are pursuing him. God doesn't always answer prayers either. Maybe you're praying for the wrong reasons. Whatever it may be God may not always answer prayers directly. God provides the oppurtunity for what you want. God provides the oppurtunity to change your life and resurrect it like he ressurrected Jesus. The only question is are you willing to let him change it? Don't be afraid of what you are. Don't be afraid of what God wants for you.

I know this is lame but theres a quote from Star Wars:
"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."

Jealousy can comsume someone and fill them with hate. We don't need to be afraid of ourselves anymore, and start accepting that we're not perfect.
We cannot start to love others until we can become content with how we are made and love ourselves.

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Marinho said...

"Substance is what we're made of. We're made of heart, we're made of spirit, we're full of life waiting to be unleashed." I like that...thanks.