Monday, April 14, 2008

005. Awareness

So in my 2nd block today I was browsing around blogger to find interesting stuff to read.
And I came across this blog:

Its a blog that 2 people contribute to. One lives in the Gaza strip, the other lives in Isreal.If you're aware what is going on over there you would know both of those areas are involved in very heavy violence right now. Both of these guys see the reality of what is happening over there. Both of them have settled there views and have agreed on one thing. They want peace.

Here is an excerpt from one blog:

"On Saturday a rocket hit with no warning. The blast was massive and the alert did not work this time. I got to the place which was about 300 meters from our home and a large crowd, police and ambulances were already there. The rocket fell on a side walk several meters from 2 kids that were injured. The younger kid (8) was severely hit and his leg had to be amputated."

Our understanding that we cannot wait for our leaders to solve our problems for us and that if any change is to happen it will happen from us, the civilians.

These 2 guys are different but share one common ground, peace. They've started a petition to put a end to this violence for one month, in hopes that talks will occur between the 2 countries and lead to peace. Please sign this petition and help bring the peace that these guys want to the world. Here is the link:

So many people are not aware of what goes on in the world. We always see it on the news and tv. But the media portrays war with casualities stats. A persons life is worth far more than just a number. The media doesn't show you the part of war like these guys see. The media doesn't show you war from these guys perspective.

I wish everyone would start thinking for there selfs. And stop letting the media and friends dictate what they should think. Start becoming aware of what is happening in the world. The world is our group. Our group is suffering. We need to do a better job of showing perspectives like these. We need to change our government leaders perspectives of the world. Think for yourself. And if you are human, you will do what is right.

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