Friday, April 11, 2008

001. Realization

The best thing a person can do before they do anything is realize. If a person is wanting to change
the world, but never takes any action and lives their life in the gutter; then they will not accomplish anything. People need to stop and take time to look at thereselves and what they're doing.

After someone realizes what they are doing in their life is wrong they need to change it. For example: If you make fun of people just for fun, think of how you are honestly making that person feel. How can you get any fun out of that? If you truly come to realize what you're doing then you can change it. Go to that person you've made fun of and give an apology from the bottom of your heart and never let it happen again. Then embrace and love that person for everything they are. Not make fun of their flaws. No one is perfect.

All day today at school I kept thinking back to this. As I walked through the halls and people watched in my classes, I noticed how bad this problem of a lack of love is. People making fun of other, being plain lazy about everything and so on.  There is more to life than making fun of people, being lazy about everything you do, partying and everything else people do at our school. There is more to life than Hendersonville, Tennessee. Things you do right now might make you feel good and have a good time at this very moment in life. But one day we will all grow up in age and hopefully grow up in our actions, and REALIZE all the stupid stuff we’ve done. I’ve experienced with so many people that I know in my family. Some grew up, some did’nt. And for those who don’t I really feel bad and hope that they can see what they’ve done with their lives. Life isn’t about money, being lazy, being big figure in a small town, ect. Life is about leaving a legacy and being remembered for what you’ve contributed to the world and the people in it.
Life is what you make it.

Realization is going to happen to everyone at some point in their life. 
You cannot escape it.
So start realizing and take action today.

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