Sunday, April 13, 2008

004. Time

Are you aware that the second that you are born you begin to die? If you were to die at this very moment, what would you feel you have accomplished? Would you be happy with your life?Or would you regret everything about and worry about the things you haven't done? So many of us, including myself would not feel content with our lives if it ended right now. There are so many things we have not experienced and so many things we have not done. Some of us have not made a impact. Alot of us are not living life to it's full potential. We are all missing out.

What if someone you think you hate dies? How would you feel? Have they done something wrong to you? Have you done something wrong to them? You would have missed out on a chance to forgive or apologize. The last thought they would have of you is what you did to them. You would have missed out on building a friendship with them and getting to know the real person that they are. Don't take people or anything else in your life for granted, becuase tomorrow is not guaranteed.

If you knew that you had one day to live what would you do with that last day? You would'nt go out and party, you would'nt go make fun of more people, ect. You would more than likely go forgive and apologize to people. Because you are'nt content with how people will remember you. So do something RIGHT NOW.
Leave a legacy and be remembered for the good in your life right now.

As Rob Bell says in the video "Today", "Don't live you life in the past and be stuck on all the things that you have and have'nt done, Live for today. " Let that statement sink into your mind. if you truly feel bad about stuff that you have done in the past God will forgive you. Stop thinking about what you did wrong and start thinking about what you can do right. It's not about what can people do for you, its about what can you do for people.

Our lifes are so small on a time table. We don't have forever in our human bodies on the earth. So do something NOW
and be remembered for the good later.

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