Tuesday, April 15, 2008

008. Respect

The last few hours my mind has been so caught up in this blog on Myspace called "God Is Imaginary." I think I've established that I'm not a Christian who criticizes and judges other people and religions. I respect everything. All views, everythings fair game to me. I love, don't hate. I have my views on religion and you have yours. But this blog just seems to attack Christianity over and over and over again. I don't mind if you don't believe in God or any other religion, I respect that. This blog just seems to lack respect. It's criticizing the faith, but what my whole thing about it is that it attacks the people.

I've gave my thoughts on how the media portratys Christians as hating "Repent now or go to hell" people, and how its not like that at all and real Christians are supposed to love, respect and help.
The world lacks respect. It seems to be a human nature when someone tells us not to do something
we turn right around and do exactly that.
Respect is all about co-existing. Co-existence doesn't
mean attacking people of a faith. Don't get your opinions of a whole group of people from what the media or one bad church The media is overstepping it's boundaries, attacking and making false claims based on a small group, without looking at it as a whole.

Im not asking you to find a religion or something to believe in. Anything you believe I respect. I just
ask everyone to respect each other and co-exist. Respect your family, your friends, your teachers,
or anyone else who you come across in life. If someone sets boundaries, don't step over them.
You would'nt want anyone disrespecting you. If a friend of yours asks you not to do something bad that you know is going to happen, find it in your heart to show your friend that you love them and respect that decision.
Peace happens through respect, respect happens when we can co-exist. Then maybe when we find peace with each other we can find the love for each other.


Ben-Noach Ha-Am said...

You are a sweet kid Robbie

Keep thinking bout how you can impact the world for the better.

S. M. Waterman said...

Wow, I'm really impressed with your world view. Not many Christians (at least not many of the ones I know) would ever say that.

Whoever wrote that blog is probably surrounded by the "Bible-thumper" Christians...not a good place for an unbeliever to be in. No one wants to be hit over the head until they finally give up and play dead just to stop the beating...

I think it is great how you say we ought to respect one another. I have met so many people who will turn up their noses as soon as they here that a certain person is Mormon, Jehovah's Witness, Hindu, Muslim, whatever, and those are the people that earn us the bad name. We ought to respect other people's religions, as you said, but we shouldn't completely leave them alone, either! We need to give them the message of Christ as well. If only they taught how to do that in school!

Great blog, and God bless!

S. M. Waterman said...

Oh, and another thing...the verse you have on your profile? That's my favorite verse!!! Doesn't it just speak volumes? I'm sure there have been times in my life where I wouldn't have been able to walk into a room to give a speech or merely to answer a question without this verse!!

Lars Shalom said...

I love you for loving God x